You Need WordPress for Your Business Website: Here’s 10 Reasons Why


Most business owners either know they need a website but don't have one, or have a website they're really not doing much with. Neither one of those things is good for the long-term health of their business, but there are some ways they can fix that. Having SEO and Google Rank are very important, and a good website will provide that, as will an active social media presence. Here are 10 reasons why you need WordPress and Rusted Desert for your site.

1. WordPress is Easy to Work With

It's not confusing, so you can have changes made easily and really get the site you want and need.

2. WordPress is Good for Websites and Blogs

It started out as a blogging platform, but WordPress is so much more than that. You can have a very professional site on a WordPress platform.

3. Rusted Desert Can Give You a Custom Design for Your WordPress Theme

There are lots of designs and themes out there, but you want yours to stand out. Choosing a quality option like Rusted Desert from the website companies in Utah can help you love your site.

4. You Can Get Great Features With WordPress Plugins

Plugins make it easy to add or remove site features, without the need to get involved in a lot of complicated coding. It lets you explore options.

5. WordPress is Friendly With the Search Engines

Search engines like Google rank WordPress sites highly, and that helps your business get seen, get found, and get growing.

6. The Popularity of WordPress is Important

Because WordPress is popular, people trust it and it's not going anywhere. That helps give your site security and street cred.

7. WordPress Has a Big Community

Want to interact with other WordPress users? That's easy with a large community of people who use and appreciate the platform.

8. WordPress Has Maturity and Staying Power

Since it has been around a while, you can feel confident that WordPress is going to stay around. It has matured into a high-quality platform, and will be around for your business for a long time.

9. WordPress is Mobile Web Ready

Everyone uses mobile today, and WordPress is already prepared for that. Your site will look great on computers, tablets, and phones.

10. The Open Source of WordPress Means Options

Want to make changes? You can! Open source coding means Rusted Desert can custom design just the site you want and need, so you can love the look of your business' web presence.

Reach out to us today, and let us get started on a custom design for your website.